General Tech Info – All Z Car Years – Factory Service Manuals (FSM) – Downloads S (ZX): com/ Nissan ZX Workshop Manual; ( Pages). (Free). Nissan ZX Workshop Nissan ZX Workshop Manual; ( Pages). (Free). Datsum Z. Since proper maintenamce and service are absolutely essential in satisfying the Datsum owners, this manual should be kept in a handy .

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Not too much trouble. I have read all kinds of posts from a dozen or more websites. Sign In Sign Up. Swapped in a spare TPS. The car is new to me, and has a problem. Learn how your comment data is processed. I have what seems to be a problem Ffsm just 28z0x solve. Vacuum pressure at idle is 20, so no big leaks. The easiest way I found to take this out is: Its been high on my suspect list.

Sources used on this page:

So by now I have cleaned connections times. Range should be ohms.

I have not verified. Now it may not seem like it on the top side of the A-arm, but check it out: To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. I just cut back the wiring harness wrapper to expose the crazy splicing. If you ever need mechanical help let me know. I hate that he gave you such a flippant diagnosis. Regular wires can catch fire. The work he did on my car was top notch. Fs, using the 83 tests, I believe my AFM is bad.


Went forward with a tune up. Get this Stinger Maxi Fuse Block and swap out your crusty, old, troublesome, high maintenance fusible link blocks. This is a crappy blurry photo but you can see the 4 white with red stripped wires connected to the screw terminals in the bottom of the maxifuse unit. I am interested in how the wire terminals can be released from the connector housing. A destination is merely an excuse to drive a Z! The blue one with the turbo side stripe.

Then after a the flap was open maybe a quarter inch I got an infinity reading and the numbers became. fem

S Factory Service manuals – ZX USDM

Have you been there? Thanks for the replies. I dont have a timing light. Could you take a look at the AFM and give me your best description of where the two end of that ground wire go?

It then said to go to the TVS section and follow directions for adjustment. I would try the zx ECU plugs at this point. Let the car get up to temperature and the 280zz was the same.

I got a reading of I do not understand how I used the wrong FSM. I geta fail.

What do you think? Edited January 17, by Heroez. Email required Address never made public. Posted January 21, Try driving without the knock and o2 sensor?


For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Amazing what problems they can cause. I need some advice on what to do next.

I did wiggle the ECU plugs while it 280zc sputtering and noticed no change. I recently bought my 82 Fam on Craigslist in Atlanta and he picked it up for me and did the brakes and front end for me so I could drive it back to NC.

Hey, if you have an 82t you could help me out big time. This is as per 75 FSM.

The spindle pin is quite an interesting beast as many have talked about. The nut puts less stress on the tip of the bolt, and less stress on the threads!

New 280z Shocks – pt1

They are problematic and cause weird behavior. Thanks John — getting the write up ready as we speak! 280zz at the ECU pins. Comes with shock, nut, and sleeve screw cap. A needle, pin or tiny paperclip will work also.