Information on Apocryphal Gospels from the classic Bible reference encyclopedia . authority it is simply styled Evangelium nomine Jacobi minoris apocryphum. Wilhelm. Schneemelcher. 1. Literature: Facsimile: O. von Gebhardt, Das Evangelium und die Apokalypse des Petrus. Die neuentdeckten Bruchstucke nach einer. Jan 15, Apocrypha is the name commonly given to a series of Jewish writings apocryphal book known as the Gospel of Nicodemus (Evangelium.

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For example, one of eevangeliums ascensions through one of the heavenly treasuries runs as follows: Clement of Alexandria repeatedly quotes from a kerygma Petrouconcerning whose credibility he obviously has no doubt. Recent students of the Testaments assign with much probability the Jewish groundwork to the Hasmonean period, within the limits B. Possibly there has been some confusion between the report on the proceedings connected with the trial and crucifixion of Jesus that had to be furnished to the emperor, as required by the rules of the Roman civil service, and the extended record of the proceedings contained in the Gospel of Nicodemus.

The pseudograph was probably suggested by the text, II Peter, i, 5. A Coptic “Acts of Philip” is also to be noted. More recent evangeliumms does not allow so early an appearance for those gospels, though a fairly early date is still postulated for the Gospel of the Hebrews.

List of Gospels

Retrieved June 18, See also the approach in Robert L. Nevertheless, none of these constituted indisputable definitions, and significant scholarly doubts and disagreements about the nature of the Apocrypha continued for centuries evangfliums even into Trent, [37] [38] [39] aoocrypha provided the first infallible definition of the Catholic canon in De leerstellige strijd tusschen Nederlandsche Gereformeerden en Doopsgezinden in de zestiende eeuw. Evaangeliums the miracles of the canonical Gospels those recorded in this gospel are mainly of a destructive nature and are whimsical and puerile in character.


Origen, Homilia in Lucam I. Such known works as the Shepherd of Hermas, the Epistle of Barnabasthe Didache Teaching of the Twelve Apostlesand the Apostolic Canons and Constitutions, though formerly apocryphal, really belong to patristic literature, and are considered independently.

Paul may be accounted for by ecclesiastical use as festal lections. The Apocalypse of St.

There is greater likelihood that the composition took place before our Era. As for the lowest date, the book is employed by the Jewish portion of the “Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs”. Explaining the Eastern Orthodox Church’s canon is made difficult because of differences of perspective with the Roman Catholic church apicrypha the interpretation of how it was done.

Before the fifth century, the Christian writings that were then under discussion for inclusion in the canon but had not yet been accepted were classified in a group known as the ancient antilegomenae. Clement of Alexandria was acquainted with the pseudograph. Yale Egyptological Seminar Appendix I The text editions listed in the appendices may not be the latest or the evanveliums available; apocryhpa bibliography will often give more recent editions.

The Apocryphal Acts of Jesus | Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture

This is an extensive pseudograph, consisting of; narrations in which each of the twelve sons of Jacob relates his life, embellished by Midrashic expansions of the Biblical data exhortations by each patriarch to the practice of virtues, or the shunning of vices illustrated in his life apocalyptic portions concerning the future of the twelve tribes, and the Messianic times The body of the work is undoubtedly Judaic, but there are many interpolations of an unmistakably Christian origin, presenting in their ensemble a fairly full Christologybut one suspected of Docetism.

These indicate that it had a number of sections in common with the Synopticsbut also various narratives and sayings of Jesusnot found in the canonical Gospels. Text and translation in Bentley Layton, ed. Bardenhewer, Geschichte, I, This is the opinion of the majority of the experts.


It rests on no ascertainable historical fact, but apparently is an extravagant and varying version of the occurrence related by Josephus”Against Apion”, 1I, 5.

There exist under the names Apocalypse of St. The Catholic Encyclopedia states as regards the Middle Ages. Jesus was playing with some other children on the second story of a house and one of the children was pushed by another, and plummeting to the ground he died. Paul at least in the Thecla portion and the Apocalypse of St. The idols of Egypt are shattered when the Divine Child enters the land.

Jewish Christians, for example, settled in Alexandria, might use this gospel, while native Christians, as suggested by Harnack, might use the Gospel of the Egyptians, till of course both were superseded by the four Gospels sanctioned by the church.

From this Pauline apocalypse must be distinguished a Gnostic work entitled the “Ascension of Paul”, referred to by St. It has not been substantially updated. Lipsius regards the journey apocryhpa as a ninth-century addition; Bardenhewer will have it to belong to the original document. John, the Apostle, to a dropsical man, healing his disease, in the Acts of St.

Apocrypha – Wikipedia

And it began to move about. Apocrypha New Testament, I, ff.

Tertullian, Adversus Marcionem IV. The Acts and Martyrdom of St. This holds good for the so-called “Wisdom of Solomon”, written in Greek and belonging to the Church’s sacred canon.

Text and translation in Paul E.