Richard Lea: The struggle between science and superstition in Asimov’s classic short story rings as true today as it did 70 years ago. Second, the whole story in Nightfall revolves around an impending very rare solar eclipse of the one sun out of six that is in the sky at the time. The classic science-fiction tale “Nightfall” is set on a planet where night only falls every 2, years. Now, a scientist proposes a planet could.

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There is a religious element here, with the re-written Book of Revelations of the Bible, and the Cultists a group that essentially takes place of Christians, or other religious groups who take the Book of Revelations as factintertwined with the well-written scientific narrative.

“Nightfall” by Isaac Asimov

Hearing him read his own material in such circumstances, however, raises him a notch–at least for “Nightfall”. A skeptical journalist visits a university observatory to interview a group of scientists who warn that civilization will soon end.

Present-day civilization is doomed for the same reasons, but the researchers hope that detailed observations of the eclipse will help to break the cycle of societal collapse. In a Good Cause-: I was only eight, someone who mindlessly still watched endless reruns of the “Brady Bunch” and “Three’s Company” on TV, however I also remember at the time asimpv, perhaps, oh by the th episode of “Three’s Company” that I made another critical realization, that every episode of the show is always the same, always following the same formula of one of the roommates getting into trouble over a misunderstanding.

Asimov’s Nightfall short story | Physics Forums

Because of the perpetual daylight on Lagash, its inhabitants are unaware of the existence of stars apart from their own; astronomers believe that the entire universe is no more than a few light years in diameter and may hypothetically contain a small number of other suns. They decided to check out the lab and while investigating realized that nnightfall computer they were building is not the same as when they left the lab.


The good and the bad sort of cancel out.

Of its contents, I only really remember “Nightfall”, his short story about, among other things, enlightened scientists versus the ignorant masses on a distant planet. In addition to these stars, the only other celestial object mentioned is Kalgash’s moon, dubbed Kalgash Two by the scientists of Kalgash.

Have something to add? All of this is generally quite light hearted and in very interesting.

Asimov’s Nightfall short story

Whether one uses free time or schedules a specific time out of every day to read, it is seminal that he or she does so.

Like I said, there parts of this book that I liked a njghtfall, and I know now to skip over the mediocre stories. Some of the Reread this after many years. An amazing short story, rewritten as a novel by popular demand.

On the latest reading I have to say I enjoyed the book, the original concept is still intruiging, but the aftermath, the world laid waste by madness, just did not ring as true as the build up to it. Lamorak offers to try to broker some kind of deal with Lamorak since he is not bound by the caste system and can communicate with Ragusnik.

A scientist through investigation of animals finds out that one of his college friends is unwittingly Beelzebub, the Lord of wsimov Flies.

There is only so much you can do with this kind of post-apocalyptic setting, I think. Apr 27, 2. The central characters are well developed but they are dwarfed by the setting and the plot, and they are basically there to move the storyline forward, Nightfall is definitely not about the characters.


Darkness in literature: ‘Nightfall’ by Isaac Asimov

I read this book a longtime ago. Ultimately, Asimov uses these ironic similarities between the Cultists and the scientists to provocatively comment on the state of spirituality and faith in modern, secular life.

As a stoy, Ragusnik has stopped work and in the end, it’s up to Lamorak to be the “Strikebreaker. But what if it wasn’t like that? They are blurbs my own Sean Raymond, an astrophysicist at the Observatory of Bordeaux in France, read “Nightfall” “when I was in college and loved the story,” he said.

Feb 09, Tammie rated it it was ok Shelves: Published November 12th by Del Rey first published January 1st A biologist welcomes an alien into her shory as a house guest. Morn came and went—and came, and brought no day, And men forgot their passions in the dread Of this their desolation: Now all the pieces were in place he had allowed his old friend to get a stpry document that would turn humanity against the aliens.

Jun 11, Jean-marcel rated it really liked it. Raymond then sought out to illuminate the side of a planet facing away from its central star.

I suppose you could call the additions a prologue and an epilogue, but they are really too long for that; more of a prequel and a sequel to the original story.

An advanced civilization panics when five of their suns have set and the sixth is about to be eclipsed, casting their part of the world into “Nightfall” for the first time in generations.


Two, that they will not compromise.