In one study, Word catheter treatment was successful in 26 of 30 cases (87%) of Bartholin cyst or abscess. Patients with an abscess often feel. Read about the different ways of treating a Bartholin’s cyst, including soaking it in warm water, incision and drainage, or surgically removing the Bartholin’s. J Prat Rev Gen Clin Ther. Jun 8;64(23) [Treatment of bartholinitis]. [ Article in Undetermined Language]. REYMOND JC. PMID: ; [Indexed.

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Labia majora, perineal body, introitus.

This operation is usually carried out under general anaesthetic and takes about an hour to complete. Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease that affects warm, moist areas of the body.

Bartholin’s Gland Cyst: Causes & Treatment –

Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn. One case-control study 7 found that barthopinitis and black women were more likely to develop Bartholin’s cysts or abscesses than Hispanic women, and that women of high parity were at lowest risk. You may need surgery to drain a cyst that’s infected or very large. A permanent passage is created to drain away any fluid that builds up in the future.

However, the cyst typically presents as a medially protruding mass in the posterior introitus in the region where the duct opens into the vestibule.

[On the treatment of bartholinitis and cysts of Bartholin’s gland].

It may take years for fluid to bargholinitis up enough to form a cystbut an abscess can form quickly after. You may notice a round bulge in one of your vaginal lips, near the opening of the vagina. A Bartholin’s duct cyst does not necessarily have to be present before a gland abscess develops. Benign, slow-growing; sessile or pedunculated.


A fever may also accompany the abscess. Vaginal lumps and bumps are common and can be caused by many different conditions. Reprints are not available from the authors. Postmenopausal Bartholin gland enlargement: If a flap of skin grows over the opening of one of the glands, the fluid backs up.

Biopsy, Bartholin abscess treatment, and condyloma treatment. General anesthesia in a hospital is also an option. July 13, This article was contributed by: Left Treatmnt vertical incision is made over the center of the cyst to dissect it free of mucosa. This content does not have an Arabic version. This material may not otherwise be downloaded, copied, printed, stored, transmitted or reproduced in any medium, whether now known or later invented, except as authorized in writing by the AAFP.

Even though adenocarcinoma of the Bartholin’s gland is rare, gynecologic oncology referral should be considered for older patients with Bartholin’s duct cysts or gland abscesses.

[Treatment of bartholinitis].

Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics of North America. Sitz baths help to keep the area clean, ease discomfort and promote effective drainage of the cyst. Tea tree oil is known for its antibacterial properties, which may help clear an infection.


Because the Bartholin’s glands usually shrink during menopause, a vulvar growth in a postmenopausal woman should be evaluated for malignancy, especially if the mass is irregular, nodular, and persistently indurated.

A practical, inexpensive office management of Bartholin’s cyst and abscess. To see the full article, log in or purchase access. Surgical removal of the gland carries a greater risk of bleeding or complications after the treatmwnt. These common problems often can be resolved with the use of simple office-based procedures such as Word catheter placement for duct cysts or gland abscesses, and marsupialization for duct cysts.

Address correspondence to Folashade Omole, M. Definitive drainage involves Word catheter hartholinitis for Bartholin’s duct cysts and gland abscesses, and marsupialization for duct cysts. An alternative to Word catheter placement is marsupialization of a Bartholin’s cyst Figure 4.

Labia minora, vestibule, periclitoral area. Marsupialization of Bartholin’s duct cyst. If a Bartholin’s cyst or abscess is too baetholinitis, Word catheter placement is impractical, and other options must be considered. Mayeaux EJ, et al. To help your wound heal and reduce the risk of infection after surgery, you may be advised to avoid:.