The V. Rev. Fr. Peter Gillquist, Chair of the Antiochian Archdiocese Department of Missions and Evangelism and the publisher of AGAIN, was interviewed by the. More than just an apologia for becoming Eastern Orthodox, Peter Gillquist’s book is an important chapter in the history of American Evangelicalism. Gillquist. Fr. Peter Gillquist, Chair of the Antiochian Archdiocese Department of Missions and Evangelism and the publisher of AGAIN, was interviewed by the magazine.

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Gillquist and his wife, Marilyn married inwere long-term residents of Santa Barbara, Californiabut in June they resided in Bloomington, Indiana. Besides that, I would just add one thing. What were the goals? Nov 11, Marianne Ogden rated it really liked it. Tikhon were at the forefront of bceoming movement.

Over time, hillquist discovered that many of the exotic qualities of Orthodox Christianity, such as veneration of Mary and icons, and the liturgical use of incense, were entirely in keeping with the Gospel that gave them strength.

An excellent summary of Fr Peter’s journey to the Orthodox faith. It was tough for me because I believe the things Fr.

Becoming Orthodox: A Journey to the Ancient Christian Faith

All of us were highly committed to evangelism, and yet in being on the becpming we would change, we would accommodate what we were doing to make sure it was consistent with the historic Church, which meant we were in a fairly regular state of flux. Where Christ is Lord.

Per the first claim: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Not that I really care what happens to them, but it does show why the Ecumenical Patriarchate his hemorraging members worldwide: Anecdotally engaging but lacking in academic rigor and real depth.

What would you say are the greatest beclming of the EOC to Christianity at large today?

Sitting in looking out, we found the doctrine and the truths that we held dear, but we were blown away by the difference of the worship. Their journey part the first part is interesting. If you were preaching to them, what encouragement would you offer?


If you had it all to do over again, what would you do differently? It cannot feed the soul and is divorced from the entirety of Christendom. Books by Peter E. prthodox

Return to Book Page. S This book was good at first but it got a little boring and I could not finish it this was just me, though, I’m sure.

The author was honest, thoughtful, and inspiring. A casual, interesting read.

From Becoming Orthodox to Being Orthodox: AGAIN Interviews Fr. Peter Gillquist

This raises a question: Our experience in Orthodox churches in the last few months has found them to be still very Eastern. Jul 23, Jon becomign it it was amazing. Things are to be done as St. It’s the story of Peter and his friends, who wanted to find the new testament church.

Historically it was very clear to us that the Orthodox Church was that Church we read about in the pages of the New Testament. By we had formed an order called the New Covenant Apostolic Order, which was a base of fellowship and a working relationship between those of us who were on this pilgrimage.

The first half was excellent. History and theological development are a tad more complicated than Gilquist makes them seem. Ironically, there are much better defenses of episcopacy than what Gillquist offers.

Retrieved 4 July We see the tattoos, nose-rings, attitudes, but do we hear the cries of the heart from young people searching for truth? Looking back, I would say the thing we need to stress today with the converts is the need to learn how the Orthodox Church works—the fancy name for that is ecclesiology. The earliest traditions have continued for two thousand years through the Orthodox church.

Peter Gillquist – OrthodoxWiki

But once he peger to accept orthodox belief in the handed down traditions, he no longer was able to rigorously examine the issues, because he had lost his plumb line, the Scriptures. In other words, knowing that we needed to be church and not just parachurch or independent, we began a study through yillquist to try to irthodox where that New Testament Church went.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. May 26, Brian rated it really liked it. One more trip in the time machine. Secondly, we would have sought out the oversight of canonical bishops much sooner—we were not clear on that, and we appointed some of ourselves bishops. I would have to say the number one contribution that we made to Orthodoxy in particular, and to Christendom in general, would have to be the publication of the Orthodox Study Bible.

This mass peger was one of the biggest events in modern American Orthodoxy, and Fr Guilquist’s book paints a vivid picture of the theological wrestling and jurisdictional complications which ended in the reception gillquisg the converts in the Antiochian Orthodox Church. Over the course of this text, he clearly lays out to the reader his experiences in dealing with what he assumes to be the more “ritualistic” as most Protestants claim form of Christianity.

I thought it was going to be a more general book about joining the orthodox faith, as I will soon be crismated into the church.

From Becoming Orthodox to Being Orthodox: AGAIN Interviews Fr. Peter Gillquist /

Orthodox Church in America. Gecoming and other EOC leaders traveled to Istanbul to meet with Patriarch Demetrios I of Constantinople but were unable to complete any substantial progress toward their goal. The most interesting section was the first section describing how so many Campus Crusade for Christ staff reverse engineered Apostolic Christianity by analyzing primary sources with an open mind.