GM Ruslan Scherbakov analyzes the Chebanenko System 6.c5 D15, QGD 4 6.e3 c5 D37, Moscow Variation D43, Botvinnik Variation Na4 D GM Ruslan Scherbakov analyzes Chebanenko System, The Slow Slav Vienna Variation Botvinnik Variation Latvian Bayonet Eljanov – Karjakin Onischuk. GM Ruslan Scherbakov analyzes Chebanenko System, Main Slav Ragozin System Vienna Variation Botvinnik Variation QGD Classical Approach Bacrot.

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Using games played by the strongest grandmasters, it describes the interesting ideas which have appeared in the main development systems of this opening.

The Chebanenko Slav by GM Magesh and GM Arun

Both players started the round on 9. If needed there would be a rapid tiebreak match on Wednesday, November 28th.

Annotate, analyze and share. How to Improve your Calculation.

A Head Start: Bologan on the improved Chebanenko

Qxb2 the queen chebanenkl trapped after AT In this textbook, the authors continue to familiarize young chess players with the wisdoms of the great ancient game. Here a small inaccuracy almost helped Black to equalise but he missed his chance and quickly collapsed.

Creativity of the ninth world champion Tigran Petrosyan is a bright and original page of chess art. Advertising Books, boards, chdbanenko Tania Sachdev came well prepared and gave her opponent no chances to get the advantage.

This week we shall study The Chebanenko Slav. Nxe5″completely destroying the white pawn structure and after All rounds start at The contents are as follows: This book is a repertoire of Bologan for black for all the answers of the whites to Live games for Premium members from the World Championship match in London.

The press had already prepared their headline: This chebaneenko won the first brilliancy prize in the tournament.


Every two games will be followed by a rest day until Game 12 if necessary on November 26th which will be preceded by an additional rest day. In addition only two clips are longer than twenty minutes in length, with the longest also Clip 14 clocking in at This is exactly what happened and the subsequent thematic positional piece sacrifice gave White the better chances. It seems that Black does not completely equalise in this line. There are no comments on this record yet.

Magnus Carlsen tried to put pressure on his opponent but failed – Black slowly but confidently got his pieces into play without any concessions, simplified the position and conclusively solved all the problems.

The inventor of the Slav System with a6 | ChessBase

Solve tactical positions of your playing strength. Here White introduced a novelty which did not change much, White was able to maintain not more than a very slight edge and the game reached a logical outcome.

Of course, the rook cannot be taken, since Black queens a pawn. White’s chances seemed preferable but slightly slow play let Black gain full control of the position Still no ChessBase Account?

However, Black maintains a solid position, being ready to begin active play if gets a chance. Solve tactical positions of your playing strength. Boost your calculation skills. Our next game is Eljanov-Malakhov, World Cup By a series of powerful moves White launched a strong attack, and despite some inaccuracies it was a really good game by Nino Khurtsidze.

The format is a player knockout. Download PGN of August ’07 1 d4 d5 games. In addition you’ll get lots of training material.

The Chebanenko Slav by GM Magesh and GM Arun –

Openings, Ssystem, Endgame Lessons. Victoria Cmilyte played very good chess at the recently finished European Championship and convincingly won the title.

For instance, in the slightly more than eighteen minute clip on 5. He notes that even he will switch to 1. Build and maintain your repertoire.


Store your games, training material and opening repertoire in the cloud. The author shows the current state of the current System and, demonstrating a large number of new ideas, outlines the ways of its development. Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu came up with a surprising queen sacrifice for Black in a well-known position in the Vienna: He can xhebanenko a little hard to understand when he pronounces players names when referencing games, but the chess ideas are never in dispute.

We can chebannko compare this to Bologan who recommends This system is considered to be a super solid opening and the number of its followers seems to be growing fast.

Weapons of Bologan for Black in open debuts. White’s idea to use the c-file for tricky tactics is quite impressive:. White’s idea to use the c-file for tricky tactics is quite impressive: A very closed and slightly boring position suddenly become sharp and complicated. Bologan recommends his book as a companion to the DVD and to study the games of Malakhov, Rublevsky, and Carlsen, and, surprisingly, to use Houdini to find new moves and ideas for Black.

The book is devoted to the original invention of an outstanding Moldovan coach and theorist Vyacheslav Chebanenko. Assignments for self-help will help you to better understand the strategic and tactical subtleties of the Chebanenko system and quickly master the scheme that the best chess players of the world have adopted.

Then at the right moment when position opens up, it is white systen gets into trouble.