There is that special moment when two people click, rather than simply meet. Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman, Crown Business, $ (p). The following summary of Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman’s book ‘Click – The magic of instant connections’ is courtesy of Paul Arnold. The Book: Click: The Magic of Instant Connections by Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman, Broadway Books, $ Hardcover, Pages, June.

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Related topics How Zee Ali went from selling cigarettes cick the hood of Chicago to selling These were interesting results but at many points even retreated to a much broader level of happier societies or the fact that high ‘self-monitors’ do better at work.

It was the old school type of, just like a motel. So there is actually a spectrum of vulnerability, you can talk about, you brafmam you can get on Skype and say you know what, let me tell you about the issues about the relationships with my mother and of course that is going to push people away. They fluff these examples with some unsurprising study conclusions people prefer those similar to themselves! But the dorm assignments were completely random and what it turned out is that people tended to form relationships with the folks who live right next door.

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First is, show up. To help put the proposal together, Paul had assembled experts from around the world.

How can people connect with you? And the only… they sorted out all the Oris, people who had similar names, and so they had like Johns and Brians and, Erics, Andrews and… So now, here I am with a name tag, with my Andrew name tag, give money.

Whenever I have worked in companies and with people, the bosses have always tried to keep people who click far away from each other and also put them in different teams because of the closeness. Nov 11, Harrison Entwistle rated it it was ok. See I am really lucky my brother orj a psychologist, so his research was actually around magical experiences so he, and his dissertations was about this as well. You can actually be somewhere in the middle of that vulnerability continuum and often that builds a little bridge.


It doesn’t research or give information on pri to be the person to make relationships click. In short, a really good book if you want to understand different people, what brings people together, the ingredients of a good relationship and probably also understanding yourself better. Are building the sense of comodory where they are in touch with each other another. The stories offer great support of their premises of factors which contribute to people connecting with others.

A key part of being a member of a group is the trust that needs to be between the members of that team. And then they did the exact same experiment but this time they knew the people who were leaving the lab; they knew their names. He empathizes, shares a similar story and builds trust out of tension.

How To Click With People – with Ori Brafman – Mixergy

Now I understand the dynamics behind it. So again, that seems pretty common sense. This was a descriptive book – it clcik these accelerators and describes the research behind coming up with them, but it doesn’t really delve into using these in your own life. How do you try to be more present with people?

Did you by the way click with your wife, were you someone who as soon as you saw you wife it was love at first sight, or did it take a while? You’ve got to be vulnerable in order to encourage the other to do the same.

How To Click With People

The last thing they are going to do is talk to you, open up their soft spot to you. Certain people are m Click – well worth a read! So what we had to do. What is that you… that makes you tick around this, and be willing to share that kind of information. It was entertaining, and the stories were engaging.


You also said in that class that I think it took four weeks to get to that point. It was clear to her from the beginning that there was something between them. These are fillers and the response is not particularly important. Really loved this book. This book conveys a similar message, on why certain kinds of groups succeed, why certain people jell really well and if they do, what are the reasons they do.

Like Gladwell, the authors assemble empirical evidence to prove our universal capacity for greatness, but they do so with less verve, worse prose, and more cynicism. It questions the meaning behind it, it’s reasoning, why it works with some people and with some it doesn’t and it’s impact on a personal and professional level. And the second scenario the women showed up to ten classes then stood to fifteen classes.

In the lectures they were only to take notes and not converse with anyone. It felt like it had an overall message of its important when things click and ain’t it great when things click and try to do it yourself Likewise, the ability to maintain appropriate levels of eye contact helps build rapport vs.

From the cover and tone this was a more mid-market title, shorn of the pretension of more lofty popular science, but it didn’t have enough personality for it to live long in the memory. If you aren’t focused on the person, are always distracted by your phone, facebook, hobbies, etc.

Seems obvious enough, but has to be said in these days.

Who we know how close we are. It really matters to have a clearly defined community. Apr 22, Ajit Pillai rated it liked it.