Sources for this product include the ALTERNITY® Science Fiction Roleplaying Game by Bill .. of controlling dark matter might one day command one of the. Documents Similar To Alternity – Dark Matter – Campaign Setting. Alternity – Stardrive – Star Compendium – Systems of the Verge. Uploaded by. Ted Lucas. A list of products, cover scans, and sources for purchase of these out-of-print books for the Alternity role playing game.

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I played it quite some time ago, back when dar were still featuring material for it in dragon and dungeon magazines occasionally. Included in the product is a map of the base itself, and – for the first time – schematics of a klick attack ship!

Aliens, Demons, and Aberrations is a compendium of creatures for the DarkoMatter setting. Read more Read less.

Dark•Matter – Wikipedia

The Concord has seized this oppurtunity to take the war to the enemy. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. The heroes must track the interdimensional castaways through darrk, traveling through parallel worlds that run the gamut from primitive savagery to nuclear desolation.

The Dark Matter setting takes place at the end of the 20th centurybetween and should be a good start for the players.

This article is about the roleplaying campaign setting. Sell us your stuff? Of course, heroes have to know where to find what they want – and must have the cash to afford it, or the savvy to bargain for a better price: FATE wants characters to be interrelated, make sure their backgrounds give rise to aspects that incorporate other players.


But at the heart of all this chaos is a troubled sanctuary: A Guide to FX “If you can imagine it, you can play it! Striking back hasn’t been an option – but that’s about to change. Inside this box, you’ll find everything you need to start playing now. Wizards of the Coast. Do not submit video game content unless the game is based on a tabletop RPG property and is newsworthy.

Ignoring the Alternity Fast Play rules for now and the small section on creating Dark Matter characters, the book is filled with descriptions, from the Hoffman Institute to loads of different conspiracies to the secret history of the world.

Each of these games overlap like a Venn Diagram and create this perfect center point of modern conspiracy horror.

Pages using deprecated image syntax. Now one group of heroes enters the star system, seeking to learn mtter fate of the colony. Maybe we can trade stories or ideas, or perhaps get a new group hooked on it!

Rhodium Run introduces heroes to life and trade on Lison. You help decide the fate of the galaxy by setting deadly challenges for Terran and Protoss heroes to overcome! Scheme with operatives of VoidCorp, fight against Thuldan Legions, and uncover the mysteries of the frontier.



In these pages, you’ll find general information about the planet Lison and how to managa a campaign on this unusual world. The Regency government maintains Bluefall’s independence against a storm of challenges. Comments deemed abusive may be removed by moderators. I was just wondering if anyone else had heard of or played this game.

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Admittedly, the majority of our enthusiasm and enjoyment comes from the campaign setting and it would alhernity easy to substitute gameplay natter a different system.

The Killing Jar was the first adventure published after those provided in the main rulebook. The players try to find some information about something and pretty soon they find themselves involved in a major conspiracy involving angels, demons, aliens, clones and other powers well hidden from the known human history.

Through their dealings, the heroes uncover a sinister plot involving a cykotek oxygen runner and a nefarious black marketeer.

System Guide to Aegis “The Verge is a dangerous place. At the alternitty of space is the Verge, where oppurtunities await those smart enough and ruthless enough to take advantage of them.