monthly / /reglamento-del-impuesto-sobre-las-utilidades-de-las-empresas-iue Summary Table Tax in Bolivia. NAME OF THE. TAX deducted the IVA. • Bolivian source profits remitted . (Art. 42 D. S. ) • Form. remittance by . The tax system determines the concept and classification of taxes in Bolivia. Tributes are the obligations in . the country (Art. 43 D. S. ). • Payslip

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Makes it unlawful for Australians to develop, produce stockpile or otherwise acquire or retain microbial or other biological agents or toxins whatever their origin or method of production, of types and in quantities that have no justification for prophylactic, protective or other peaceful purposes; or weapons, equipment or means of delivery designed to use such agents or toxins for hostile purposes or in armed conflict. Includes the prohibition of the manufacture, production, possession, stockpiling, storing and development of biological weapons.

Inspection supervision of the Law implementation has been regulated. In the scope of its controls, the list is basically the same as that of the Missile Technology Control Regime. Best practices for production of medical goods.

Penal Code of BulgariaArticle a. Prohibits the manufacturing, import, possession and use of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons as well as the introduction to the territory of nuclear residue and toxic waste. Provides for the administration of quick response to serious outbreak of infectious diseases or unidentified mass diseases which may cause severe harm to public health, with a view to effectively preventing, containing and eliminating the harmful consequences.

Implements a comprehensive legal norm, allowing the protection of state interests without unnecessarily limiting the business operations of manufacturers and dealers in controlled goods. Outlines punishments for violation including a fine not exceeding three times the value of the goods or one hundred pounds, whichever is the greater, or to imprisonment not exceeding 2 years, or. Regulations on the Import and Export Control of Technologies, Establishes rules that industrial businesses which transport, stockpile, manipulate, treat and eliminate toxic or dangerous products must follow.

Seeds and Phytogenetic Products Law No. Customs Prohibited Imports Regulations, According to the 8th article of the above mentioned law the list of states to which export of the goods works, services, results of the intellectual activities which fall under export control is prohibited, end-users and tho goods works, services, results of the intellectual activities which Ml under export control and which are prohibited to export is determined by the Cabinet of Ministries upon the consent of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Amends the Penal Code with Article a which indicates that any person who produces, introduces, deposits, sells, possesses or uses hazardous toxic waster, radioactive substances or similar substances which constitute a danger to human health shall be punished by imprisonment from years.

It will allow for the appointment of inspectors to enforce the Act; and, through amendments to the Criminal Code, will establish severe penalties for violations. Enables the Attorney General to provide assistance to other countries in connection with investigations, inquiries and proceedings in criminal matters.

Envisages the establishment of the Export Control Commission, responsible for issuing the permission or denial for exporting the dual use items and technologies; developing of the export control mechanisms and its improvement; creating new control list; organizing the deliberations with the participation of concerned ministries and agencies on each request, connected with dual-use item and technology; registering the exporters; providing the information to the exporters and industry on recent developments with regard to export control legislation and international non- proliferation regimes as well as for the receiving of notifications about the transit of dual use items and technologies across the territory of the country.

decreto supremo en pdf – PDF Files

Third Ammendment to the Criminal Code. Provides for the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations to issue licenses for production and maintenance bolviia weapons and military equipment and to keep the Central Register of legal persons whom the licenses for production and maintenance of da and military equipment have been issued to.

Establishes biosafety norms for health establishments under the auspices of the National Program of the Fight Against HIV and AIDS and sets biosafety recommendations for laboratories that work with biological materials. It clearly stipulates the licensing system of biological dual-use items and technologies, examination and grant of license, control list and punishment for violations. The viruses in question are handled under biosafety conditions that are regulated by this decision.

Where the explosives, firearms, chemical, biological or nuclear weapons or ammunition have been bokivia large quantities, the punishment shall bolkvia deprivation of liberty from 3 to 8 years. Several implementing regulations are envisaged. Municipal Ordinance, on Environmental preservation and control in Gualaceo. With regard to the transport of these products, requirements established by the Navy Command in case of maritime transportationby the Air Force Command air transportation or by the Army Command terrestrial transportation must be observed.


Deals with the safe production, handling, transportation, treatment and final disposal of dangerous wastes. Its checks include verification of whether the goods are packed, marked and labelled in accordance with the provisions of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code.

Algeria also undertakes not to transfer boilvia any recipient whatsoever and not in any way to assist, encourage or induce any State or other entity to manufacture or acquire the above-mentioned agents or toxins. Stealing nuclear, chemical, biological or other types of weapons of mass destruction or their basic components is punishable by deprivation of liberty for 5 to 10 years, with or without confiscation of property.

Contains an itemized export control list of dual-used technologies including bacteriological and poisonous weapons-related, as well as rocket weapons-related. This system enables the automatic detection of non-authorized imports, exports and re-exports.

Act of 25 November Section 7 establishes that every Minister accountable to the Parliament of Canada for the administration or affairs of a government institution is responsible for, inter alia, identifying the civil emergency contingencies that are within or boliviz to the Minister’s area of accountability and developing a. The guidelines are a non-statutory, non-proliferation measure, developed by the Department of Foreign Affaris and Trade, to raise the awarness of industry and researchers about the risks of inadvertent involvment in the biological weapons programs of other countries.

Approves the rules and regulations of the commission, its membership and the membership of the group of experts under the.

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The schedules to the Order list the goods and substances subject to control. Regulates relevant paragraphs of Article of the Constitution concerning Articles 1 and 8 of the Convention on Biodiversity with a view to establishing rules for access to genetic patrimony and its associated traditional knowledge in Brazil so as to ensure fair distribution of benefits and to regulate associated technology transfer.

Order on the protection of workers against exposure to biological agents.