Enagic HK Co., Ltd. Distributor Handbook. Effective Date: 24th August, This document supersedes all previous editions. (For Hong Kong Territory Asia and. THAT, Enagic products were introduced to me by an Enagic distributor and by . Handbook shall apply and shall be incorporated herein for reference. THAT. Enagic® (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (the “Company”) is a direct selling company Distributor’s Handbook (the “Handbook”), as amended and published from time.

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Perhaps the high price of the machine helps account for why so many distributors feel inclined to promote these and other falsehoods. There is nothing novel about the power supply, electrode material, electrolysis design, etc.

Of course solid electrodes still work very well and there is nothing wrong with using them. The Enagic machine actually has less platinum than other competitors two layers vs. The company will hold the application until all documents are submitted.

The Enagic Independent Distributor Logo for Download – Enagic Malaysia Sdn Bhd

To do a name change, you must send in the distributor information change form by fax or. Guidelines for Distributor created and maintained websites The following excerpts from Youngevity s Policies and Procedures are compiled. Other water ionizer companies add minerals in their filters to boost ORP, but Enagic does not. The Company reserves the right to reject any applications for new distributorships.

But, while the ability to produce jandbook low pH is touted as plus, as you can see from the graph below, at a pH of 2.

Transaction Submission Integrity 3. Also note that a more efficient mesh design if properly designed reduces the power requirements for water electrolysis see: There is a lot of misinformation regarding solid and mesh plates. Although the flow-rate can be 2 gallons per minute the resultant water at this flow rate may not have distributof high alkaline pH, or high negative ORP and thus have no benefit.


Thank you Enagic Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Having the Sponsor Information section filled out is very important, and will be needed to ensure your application is complete.

The Enagic Independent Distributor Logo for Download

Accessories sales are closed at 6PM. All the accessories sales purchase through will be closed at 6PM everyday. Additionally, some have suggested that filters which contain tourmaline release minerals into the water to boost the ORP, but that is absolutely not the case. This Agreement is effective as of March.

The Company s water treatment systems purchased by distributors for personal, family or relatives use or otherwise are not for resale. This signature product is fundamental to the branding and image of the Company. Signing eagic as a Tokurei is only allowed for individuals signing up with Enagic for the first time.

Husband and wife may sponsor each other directly, but shall not be sponsored in different channels of distribution. There were numerous amounts of information vilifying SMPS and deifying transformers, even though it contradicted fundamental science.

All warranties on Company products are limited and non-transferable. All water ionizers in Japan and Korea are approved as medical devices. FreeCause on behalf of Clients as More information. After that, the staff will calculate the entire accessories price together with the courier fees and send back the delivery order form to the handbooj. All applications which are unclear and incomplete will be hold and machine will not be shipped distribhtor or hand-over to customer. Please make sure have applicant to sign it and have your sponsor sign it as well before submitting it to the company for processing.

Summary The above facts are important to be considered as they prevent people from being misled. It is an old design developed by Toyo Metals Toyo Aitex.

Promotion Affiliate Agreement This Agreement contains the complete terms ddistributor conditions that apply to your participation as an Affiliate of the qrstuff. Many Enagic distributors falsely claim that because Enagic was founded inthat there are SD Enagic machines that have been around for years and are still working. All the machine sales purchase through will be closed at 6PM everyday.

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Responsibility for Paying Taxes. For example, if a Tokurei were to sell an SD machine as a full payment, where the normal Margin minus the SP bonus.

Their only patent is on the compensation plan. No distributor shall sell or promote the Company products or services or business opportunity at flea distrkbutor, swap meets, or garage sales. Advertising Correct Information 7. Distrobutor addition to general distributtor on use of the Company hanfbook or logos, the Company specifically prohibits the use of Company trademarks or logos in conjunction with the sale of any other non-company products.

You need to have your sponsor s name, sponsor s rank, and distributor ID number filled in. This section is to be filled out only when someone other than the buyer is going to pick up the machine. Change to Product of Service Prices. Kindly be informed that distributors are prohibited from selling bottled Kangen Water or any other water in any form produced from Enagic India Kangen Water Private Limited water purifying machines as stated in Clause 14 Prohibition of Sales of Kangen Water of this Policies and Procedures.

This status is called D1. Processing fees for name change: Members of Same Household; Responsibility. Name change can be applied to a first degree relative. Other ways to complete the Tokurei plan are to either accumulate enough Margin to fully cover the total costs of the machine chosen, or pay eagic complete balance minus what has already been accumulated from Margins. It is Company policy, however, to Examples of such supervision may distrributor, but are not limited to: