Fallout PnP – Looking for a player or two · Skyeris, Aug 19, Replies: 0. Views: Skyeris: Aug 19, AlbinoGiraffe. h1. *_FALLOUT_* h2. _*CORE RULEBOOK*_ *_REBALANCED_* _*Warning: These rules and tools are currently out of date*_ h3. Fallout: PNP RPG rules. I’ve kept all the rules from the game’s SPECIAL system intact, except for gun damage, which I modified – without any change to the.

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Pnnp can make the job of somebody wanting to run their own campaigns, a new GM and not so newmuch easier and fun.

So, my question is how do I contact these individuals? Do You have something like a jury rigging perk?

Fallout-PNP- Rules | Obsidian Portal

I’m in the process of writing a falpout campaign and looking for new ideas. I’m going to make up the credits readme real quick and it should be uploaded today.

So You done it via adding new perks. Thats one way to do it Here is a link to the equipment Manual for my edition of Fallout PnP: But I feel it was worth it. It’s secrets, haha Now that I don’t care as much about all this, I feel like I should share it. Submit a new text post. Log in or sign up in seconds.


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Taloswind updated the wiki page Home Page. What was left was: I don’t think it’s been posted on the ‘official’ site yet. No, create an account now.

Sequence – is PE x 2 and it works great for me. Things get better after you get out of the mountains and onto more flat stretches of the region. My campaigns took place in the Four Corners Area. When Mical came out with his flalout, I was very pleased but still felt it was lacking.

Fallout PNP additions and revisions

I haven’t re-designed the rules in function of the chosen feel. JavaScript rallout currently disabled. That can be changed by perks or traits of course, but that’s the basic system.

Your name or email address: February 26, The files will be intended as supplements to Jason Mical’s rules, to be used in conjunction with his rulebooks until I have had a chance to compile all my work into a rulebook of my own.

30. are to me what makes FO’s system so pp. That’ll be for another post, I’m running out of time. Some of the greatest issues that I found came from the content ripp from the 2.


My character sheet is also ready alas, it’s in French, but I will post a pic of it in falllout anyone likes it and wants to use it.

What about the parts for repair? This material was never really intended for others to see because, well, I was always like a dragon guarding it’s hoard. I all but idolized the original games enough when they came out that when I heard about the Fallout PNP rules in BOS I got excited and disappointing as well when they didn’t include any combat system or game mechanics, well – not to my satisfaction when looking at the original games.


I’m no longer so obsessed over the games or the system, but I have all that modified material from a few years back and felt that since I expanded on things to make the original Fallout system playable on paper, I should share it. His daughter apparently doesn’t need all the parts to get something fixed. You’ll start with 30. set number of HP, period.