User Review – Flag as inappropriate. Nietzsche has been seriously damaged, indeed, is literally dead and burried, without any hope of a. Image courtesy of Gorfu Contra Nietzsche by G. E. Gorfu. (3 ratings). Paperback Book, pages. Description: No description is available. Ethiopians on the Web recently conducted an interview with Ato Gebre Eyesus Gorfu, (G. E. Gorfu) author of “Gorfu Contra Nietzsche” the book that has been.

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He complained on several occasions to God about his difficult position. What about the other one hundred and fifty pages? Add to Wish List. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

I predict it will be translated into many languages and become a best seller. Fascism and Nazism did not come about by sheer accident. The plan took him some forty years to perfect Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Be the first to ask a question about Gorfu Contra Nietzsche.

Look at any university: A book against Fascism and racism by an Ethiopian, for Ethiopians, for Africans and for the rest of the world is of utmost relevance. If, as you say, you are a true friend of philosophy, what then is preventing academia from welcoming you and your book? The same idea recurs on pages and In other words, the Gospel implicitly but compellingly defines the Antichrist not as a mortal being who claims to be against God but as the driving force behind the organized church, specifically as the embodiment of the “Second Person” of the so-called Trinity; dead and buried on Friday and allegedly resurrected on that infamous Sunday morning; as the christ of the organized church who masquerades as the true Christ; a spirit that comes not in its own name claiming to be the actual Antichrist but as a wooing, seemingly gentle and loving spirit that comes in the name and the stunningly close likeness of Jesus Christ himself See Mathew Nietzsche must have found it quite flattering to think of himself as the Antichrist but as most of us know or should know reality does not sustain fantasy.


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Challenging the German “philosopher’s” theory of ‘will to power’, Gorfu states that, it is the very thing which Nietzsche calls weakness which has proved to be the strength, for example, of the Israelites.

We have no record of him ever having a secret lover or a mistress. And there may be many more to come. I am not surprised if Gorfu too, has misunderstood him. I want to bring philosophy back to life. The knowledge he had acquired over his lifetime should have been passed on to coming generations. Man has used that power to rape the world and his fellowman in the most hideous manner.

Gorfu Contra Nietzsche

For example, let me tell you how shocked Gorgu was the first time I met the great lexicographer, Aleka Desta Tekle Wold, author of the Amharic dictionary. The book could have been shorter probably by 15 pages It is now pages if those repetitive ideas were condensed.

It takes much more than just Scriptural language and even murderous behavior in the strict clinical sense of the word to commit a spiritual crime. Furthermore, as all my previous writings and publications prove, this style of writing and ruthlessness is alien to me, too. I remember those were years filled with all kinds of personal contrq, and economic hardships, but I made time to read outside of my class curriculum. His thoughts are presented in the individually self -contained sections called, “aphorisms”.

I wanted to give my Guru a taste of his own medicine, and see how he fares. I have read several of Nietzsche’s books but have never seen this side of Nietzsche. I am originally from Bulgaria, and when I met G.

I especially liked his comments on the role of the aristocracy in human history. What are the defining features of slavery? Nietzsche’s rejection of science is stated two times on the same page with strikingly similar words and phrases. The book may be well written, but what is the purpose? And I doubt, it ever will. This, without a doubt, was of course, the foundation of my early development and love for literature, and later for my interest in philosophy.


Apart from this, Gorfu’s interpretation of the condition of the Hebrews in the desert is interesting and even original.

Tadias: Book Excerpt

Buddha, Socrates, Confucius, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, gorfi others took their thoughts and ideas to the streets and market places. Second, evil can only be defeated by spiritual means. Gorfu sees perfectly that striving for power is the symptom of feelings of inadequacy and that the truly strong person is fair and kind. Addis Ababa University should have recognized his talent and contributions and welcomed him with open arms.

Nietzsche’s view, where one is either a master or a slave though true, gives us only a half sided picture, and a very poor one at that.

If this comes about as a result of my book, I would consider my goal to have been completely achieved. This concept is what I have rejected in my book.

Interview with G.E. Gorfu

Is it Gorfu or I that need to read Nietzsche again? No conspiracy is necessary. I even advise the publishers to have it translated contda as many European languages as possible, including, of course, German.

Gorfu uses the Bible mostly insofar as fontra allows him to discredit the person who he admittedly loves to hate, which in turn undermines his own spiritual credibility. It is only a handful of courageous individuals from academia that have dared to privately recognized my book.

When I saw for the first time the big voluminous Amharic dictionary in his hands, and listened to him talk about his work, I quietly said to myself: