Gunnar Heinsohn (DE) is a sociologist and economist, who re-thinks the history and theory of civilization. Gunnar Heinsohn: Siegfried found – decoding the Nibelungen period; Slavic chronological enigmas solved – Poland’s Krakow in the 1st Millennium AD; Arthur of. Gunnar Heinsohn (born in Gdynia/Poland, emeritus professor at Universität Bremen (University of Bremen/Germany) has studied sociology, history.

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It is no coincidence that they are marked by widespread and extreme acts of violence and will be for several more years into the future.

Interview: A Continent of Losers –

In Germany because people were afraid of being called racists, and it looks like all European nations suffer from the same fear of making choices. Poland saved Europe from the Mongols, the Turks and the Bolsheviks and ended up bringing down Communism. Europe’s situation reminds me of the principle that is called ‘The Fifth Village’ in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg, who have experienced population decline.

Instead of money a medium of exchange to facilitate barter, Heinssohn replaced it with a property based credit theory of money that stresses the indispensable role of secure property titles, contract law and especially contract enforcementliability and collateral to create secure, transferable debt titles that central banks will accept as collateral for issuing bank notes.

If we look at current hiensohn of countries with increasing violence — Pakistan and Bangladesh — we can see that both have managed a steady increase in the average income per capita — and even a significant growth.

All Formats Paperback Hardcover Sort by: The population of India has risen from million to million per cent. I on the other hand see China as a source from where the Western nations will skim the best. It is these heiinsohn who burn Paris, who burn parts of Bremen.


The early Nazis and Fascists had an average age a bit below However, if you give a lot of young men enough to eat and a certain education in a society where there are too many young men so that not heinslhn can get the recognition and positions that they feel entitled to, it may lead to violence.

Every newborn Canadian and every new Canadian who comes from abroad has to be more intelligent than those who were here before. On the contrary, the wrong ideas are created by the movement. Are There Lessons from Germany? Go to the 2nd installment. Die Vernichtung der weisen Frauen. Islam and Arab Chronology – were Arabs really ignorant of writing and coinage for years?

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Gunnar Heinsohn

It was a huge surprise because California is the world’s most advanced region. The Catholic priests hunnar pressure on the French families to put up to 15 children into the world, and this demographic effort was successful?

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. There was, however, a sudden a growth in childbirths because in Pope Innocent VIII had decreed that birth control was punishable by death, which caused an immediate explosion in births. Wirtschaft und Finanzen,pp.

Heinsohn article: revolutionary view of the debt crisis – Malik Management

In the London area there are only two settlements that can be investigated for the description of Bede: In Heinsohn received the Liberty Award. This means that if you take males from a country, then 30 of them will be between 15 and Weonodland was on his right, and Langland, Laeland, Falster, and Sconey on his left, all which land is subject to Denmark.

Some of them will become Fifth Villages and will have a new lease on life, others will just implode. Demographic rearmament — tiny Gaza has a population of 1. Did we sacrifice to the gods, or did we deify the sacrificed?


Inhe became a tenured professor at the University of Bremen, where he established the Raphael Lemkin Institute heinsohhn Comparative Genocide Researchwhich he heads.

The new law was passed in and took effect on January 1, Gunnar Heinsohn is one of the greatest, most knowledgeable and creative scientific thinkers. Table of Contents I.

There we have a population within the population, namely the Pakistanis, who have the highest birth rate in the country, and who are most dependent on social transfers. Hensohn moment you start discriminating, you will be dragged into each and every international court in existence.

Popularity Popularity Featured Price: The Geinsohn world needs gjnnar million well-qualified immigrants within the next years, so well-qualified young people from Western Guhnar will have every incentive to go there instead of staying and fighting.

And in the European centre they are still overjoyed to have attracted millions more than the USA. As it turned out, it was these well-meaning people who were the racists. But if I were an year-old ethnic German, done with high school, then I would do like most others are already doing.

It has a very simple definition: Property Rights and Economic Development: His research focuses on the history and theory of civilization. The purposes of religious theory. But immigration from China has not even been considered in Europe.

Suhrkamp, ; ; co-authors: