Peeling the Onion has ratings and reviews. In this extraordinary memoir, Nobel Prize-winning author Gunter Grass remembers his early life, from his. Günter Grass’s memoir was published last summer in Germany to a chorus of controversy over the author’s service in the Waffen SS. But now. Peeling the Onion – Günter Grass – Books – Review JULY 8, When pestered with questions, memory is like an onion that wishes to be.

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Still – aside from the gravity of its content – it is really no worse than what comes before and after: Hiding in a dark wood, he onoon in terror a catch from a nursery rhyme; it is answered by the fairytale figure of a veteran lance-corporal, whose name Grass never knows.

The first half of the book has attracted particular attention because of his recollections about joining the Hitler Youth and SS.

Peeling the Onion by Günter Grass

In this extraordinary memoir, Nobel Prize-winning author Gunter Grass remembers his early life, from his boyhood in a cramped two-room apartment in Danzig through the late s, when The Tin Drum guner published. Sbucciando la cipolla – Italia. I’ve read The Tin Drum, when I was probably too young and inexperienced to appreciate it, but found the character of Oskar so insufferable that I remember it being really a chore.

So I suppose his personal guilt needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Grass uses the onion metaphor for memory, peeling back the layers that sweat and bring out tears. Quite a few found it to be a very good book, too.

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Peeling the Onion

They had tried doing it by themselves in her room with a cheap onion, but it wasn’t the same. O tema podia ser abordado, sim onoon humanos de carne e osso -mas creio gjnter o foi de forma excessiva e isso tornou-se, para mim, aborrecido It was not until after she died that I learned—and then only indirectly from my sister—that to protect her daughter she had offered himself to them. See 1 question about Peeling the Onion….

He was 16 when he happily signed up for service, and I think 17 at the commencement of active duty in maybe late ’44 my dates are hazy and my history shockinganyway when the Germans were being irrefutably beaten back by the Russians.

His descriptions of German life immediately post-war are also really interesting. The book is rife with with attempts to offset any surprisingly faint feelings of guilt with copious references to German suffering – saying that the after-effects of the war “[made] victims out of the perpetrators”. Haven’t gotten hold of a copy yet — but it hasn’t gass a high priority Chances that we will review it: It was so much easier to cry in company.

But this is ojion itself a threat: Germany’s radical peleing of the Cold War years, the Danzig-born champion of the Poles, the righteous polemicist who had torn at Germans’ denial of their collective memory of Nazism, had suppressed the crucial fact of his personal complicity.

Now I remember, now I forget

ugnter Neste livro Grass confessa-se. View all 4 comments. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in Grass was in NYC shortly thereafter, he gave a reading from Peeling The Onion and my best friend Joel attended, bought me copy and had the author sign such.

May 23, Erwin Maack rated it really liked it. Grass is wearing SS uniform; does he understand its significance?


Throughout the book, Grass is peeling h Almost gave up on mister Grass and his most peculiar style of writing, especially during the rather thd part about his war experiences. Here was a guy who did it all, and has to face the fact, again and again, that for a bit, he w The modern American memoir has decayed into mawkish, simpering shopworn confessionalism– the sort of thing that was embarrassing back gujter Sylvia Plath scrawled “Daddy, Daddy, you bastard I’m through,” and now is almost beneath reproach.

Michael Henry Heim Translator. The horrible suspicion arises that his deepest project here is the destruction of meaning. Ostensibly, it concludes with the publication of The Tin Drum, but the energy has drained from it long before the end.

After the war, Grass resolved to become an artist and moved with his first wife to Paris, where he began to write the novel that would make him famous.

Reading this intriguing memoir, I wondered why Grass wrote it. This beautiful book, as poetic as anything fictional he has ever written, details the chain of events that turned Gunter Grass from an obedient SS soldier into one of the great voices for healing in the last century.

He’s open about the shame he carries with him now, and about the fact that it took him years after the war finished to understand what he had been part of. In short, I highly recommend this book.

The revelation of the SS membership comes too late in the book. Trivia About Peeling the Onion.