The distancing of critical analysis from autobiographical sleuthing reaches its furthest extent in Patricia Ingham’s rebuttal of Michael Slater’s Dickens and Women. Genetically Engineered Klebsiella plan- ticola: A Threat to Terrestrial Plant Life? (accessed November Under the direction of his academic advisor, Elaine Ingham, Holmes Because Ingham’s assertions were scientifically rebutted before the.

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Does this suggest that his Ph. They have to be tested in something that approximates a real world situation. In the early s a European genetic engineering company was preparing to field test and then commercialize on a major scale a genetically engineered soil bacteria called Klebsiella planticola. These facts make any conclusions that the recombinant strain SDF20 has an unusual inhibitory effect on plant growth due to alcohol formation impossible to substantiate, as the amount of wheat damage by the wild-type Klebsiella planticola was not evaluated.

As a result of its deficiency it would have a inghwm disadvantage in a natural ecosystem. The wheat plants grew quite well in the Mason jars in the laboratory incubator, until about a week after we started the experiment. Ingham believes that the EPA was trying to hide the results because they were under pressure from chemical, seed, and biotech companies.

I got the bantering. Falkow also states p78 that genes are inghan transferred among the members of the Enterobactericeae by mating factors. A compost pile needs water too.

lngham Pyruvate-formate-lyase is the main enzyme in enteric bacteria in the anaerobic production of organic acids. Certainly, neither George or any editor from Acres have said anything to me about any negativity. Perna et al Nature Vol phas revealed this bacterium has inherited over genes from other species.

If we were going to do appropriate testing, we should use the system developed by the Edmonds Institute in Edmonds, Washington.

This concentration is several hundred times lower than that required to affect plant growth 10 milligrams per milliliteras indicated in a review by Jones, RP, Enzyme Microbio. In her witness presentation to the Royal Commission, Dr Ingham claimed that the genetically engineered Klebsiella strain had been cleared by the authorities for a field trial experiment. And so, since we stopped that, we were able to keep it in the laboratory.


So, we have to back up and say, “you can’t let things out of the laboratory until we really truly can understand the ecology of that organism and what it could potentially do out in the real world”.

Those whose “science” supports the claims of the biotech industry are richly rewarded economically and professionally. This email address is ihgham protected from spambots.

If you use “sterile soil” and add a genetically engineered organism to that sterile material, are you likely to see the effects of that organism on the way nutrients are cycled, or on the other organisms in that system?

I think the compost is outside in piles. The plants did not die when the parent, not-engineered bacterium was added.

Chlorotic and wilting means the plants had no color, and were, mostly, lying dead on the surface of the soil. Harm to plants in such case would be reduced. However, since many scientists are willing to make inferences that GMOs are safe, we are supposed to accept their safety as a scientifically proven fact. What is the effect of the sludge when put on fields? What I am saying is that we have to test each and every genetically engineered organism and make sure that it really does not have unexpected, unpredicted effects.

You want the facts about the potential Klebsiella planticola has?

I have to, respectfully, disagree with commentators on the use of black containers to create heat. The way I see it, if you get the compost right the garden will kind rebutttal grow itself. This is the same Elaine Ingham who had to withdraw the exact same assertions she makes in Lawton’s article when she proffered them to the New Zealand Royal Commission on Genetic Modification.

2001 articles

Thank you for your support! Especially your work against the Failure Fear Factor. Confused about what is what? The claim that “the engineered bacteria produces far beyond the required amount of alcohol per gram soil than required to kill any terrestrial plants because the parent bacterium has been found in the root systems of all plants where anyone has looked for its presence” Witness Brief, paragraph 4 is not ingjam by the evidence.


Say No To GMOs! – Klebsiella Planticola

The abstract of the substituted inghma states: The study assesses the persistence of the engineered and non-engineered Klebsiella planticola in one particular type of sandy low-organic soil, over a period of 8 weeks.

Assertions relied on by other persons 7. Holmes has said that he cannot repeat his Ph. If not these exact words, this is clearly the message they have meant to convey to the general public.

Evidence in Rebuttal – Life Sciences Network

Follow Scoop on Twitter. We used to compost only with worms and it was so easy. Dr Ingham given the inbham but has not contradicted this rebuttal evidence Because of the seriousness of Dr Ingham’s assertions, and in light of the various issues raised in this rebuttal evidence, we considered that it was important to give Dr Ingham the opportunity to correct any inaccuracies prior to the evidence being delivered to the Commission.

I turn it occasionally but not obsessively. Bacterial species for example Escherichia coli generally consist of strains or clones which may be adapted to particular ecological niches ie they are ecotypes.

I think that’s probably wishful thinking by people who don’t want others to consider the implications of putting something that makes alcohol, using the root’s own exudates, into the root systems of alcohol-intolerant terrestrial plants.

This worm tower business you link to is fascinating!