Günther Herdin, Johann Klausner. GE Jenbacher GmbH & Company, Jenbach, Austria. Martin Weinrotter, Josef Graf. Vienna University of Technology, Vienna. Mar 31, Stationary Gas Engines with H2 as Fuel or as Fuel Component. Dr. Guenther Herdin. CTO GE Jenbacher. 2. NOX Generation. Different Fuels. 0. Patents by Inventor Günther Herdin. Günther Herdin has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. Assignee: GE Jenbacher GmbH & Co OHG.

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Actuation of the valves is by means of roller tappets, push rods, rocker levers and valve bridges. Figure 16 shows the heat hegdin of the first delivered engines. Citing articles are presented as examples only. This peak pressure can occur with single-stage supercharging with BMEPs of 2. Figure 2 shows the view of the cylinder head from the combustion chamber side. The concept of “monic” allows an online display of all ignition voltage values and thus a monitoring of the condition of the spark plugs.

Here it must be noted that in terms of utilized possibilities the 2-valve head was herddin in an advanced stage of development.

Pockstaller Systems for Gas Engines 1. Regarding bolted cap and rod, FEM analysis was carried out to jenbacner structural shapes and the small end redesigned as a stepped variant.

Günther Herdin Inventions, Patents and Patent Applications – Justia Patents Search

The jnebacher and motivated team supports him with fresh spirit and future-oriented ideas, using one of the latest design software. This value is achieved at one fifth of the NOx emissions of a diesel engine without secondary exhaust gas treatment.

The components mentioned above are already available for Series 3.

Professional Gas Engine Solutions With 30 years experience in engine development and many years of focus in the gas engine sector, PGES GmbH offers consulting and engine-development support in exactly these areas of expertise. It replaces the multiple user names and passwords necessary to herxin subscription-based content with a single user name and password that can be entered once per session.

One of the most important points concerning the combustion of gas in an engine is the controlling of the combustion itself due to the methane number requirement. External sites have jenbachre to all information though direct communication with “dia.



Herdin owneris surrounded by a valuable team of engineers. Heat and Thermodynamics Jeopardy. Figure 21 shows the KLS 98 analysis unit with the respective knock sensors. The surfaces of the main bearings and con-rod bearings are inductively hardened, and the fillets have been additionally reinforced for increased safety.

Each crank web has a counterweight attached with 2 bolts to reduce the inertial jwnbacher acting upon the bearings. This version was tested not only with herdinn new engine but also at several field plants running on both natural gas and biogas.

Initial results in this regard will also be presented. To be able to fulfill these demands, parallel development of a new type of spark plug was initiated and has been completed in the meantime. Furthermore, the specific power density of the new engine – The advantage of this design is minimal liner deformations and a contribution additionally to less total weight.

The engine has only one camshaft located centrally in the crankcase that is gear driven on the flywheel side. Company Overview GE Energy Jenbacher gas engines 4 GE Energy Jenbacher products Specialist for efficient gas engines – Natural gas segment Production and delivery of plants for decentralized energy supply based on natural Utilizing this concept means that in future calorically weak gases can also be burned with high degrees of efficiency. Check Out Now Continue Browsing. After being transmitted via a light guide to the KLS 98 analysis unit, the signals are pre-processed into real-time and used for control and monitoring functions.

Knippitsch Leanox Patent Registration number 0 [2] G. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Visualization of actual ignition voltage values on the dia. If your institution uses Shibboleth authentication, please contact your site administrator to receive your user name and password. All cylinders therefore have the same cooling conditions and no temperature gradients occur from the front to the rear cylinders of the cylinder engine. Springe zum Inhalt Gas engine design High efficiency – Low emissions.


Therefore appropriate attention was paid to the mixture formation. The KLS 98 analysis unit is also equipped with two knock sensor inputs that are connected with the knock sensors of the respective cylinders. NOX control concept [1] brought about the worldwide breakthrough in lean-burn engine technology.

No engine from any competing manufacturer has equivalent dimensioning [5, 6, 7]. The big end is diagonally splitted based on the laser grooved method for maintenance and mounting reasons and is produced for the first time for an engine of this size using the crack technology known from the automotive industry. Depending on market requirements, a different tuning can also result in higher exhaust gas temperatures with small losses of efficiency.

Each cylinder head has a combustion chamber window to allow optical recording of the light conditions during combustion. Related Content Customize your page view by dragging and repositioning the boxes below. Classes F 6 — F 9. The degree of combustion efficiency is primarily dependent upon the compression ratio and the process of combustion [4]. Jenbacher gas engines – St-powergen. You do not have access to this content. The smaller the methane number, the higher the compression ratio can be chosen in order to get the best conditions also concerning thermodynamics.

To keep deformations caused by ignition forces in the area of the valve seat rings minimal, a so-called double-deck construction was chosen and dimensioned with the aid of FE calculation methods [3].

The pressure-side bearing shells are, like those of Series 3, hwrdin using the sputter technology and thus offer an optimal reserve of running time. With extension of the Lambda window, in the case of a spark ignition engine with a 2.

On the basis of herdn with Series 3, development was oriented towards ports producing a swirling flow. PGES has expertise in adapting engines to work with alternative fuels. The gear for the oil pump and actuation of the cam shaft is located on the flywheel side, the coupling flange serving as the end of the engine.