Analize konkurentu mob_web. views. Share; Like; Download Analize konkurentu mob_web. 1. Tabs; 2. Product filters; 3. Facebook. Daži no faktoriem, kas ietekmē jaunu konkurentu rašanos ir: tirgus barjeras, kas traucē jaunu dalībnieku ienākšanu;. Konkurentų analizė+ raktinių žodžių analizė + SEO auditas.

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The main functionality of the system is successfully implemented.

Systems prototype is functioning correctly and can be used in application. The goal of this work was to increase a speed of object tracking algorithm. The main objective of the final bachelor thesis is to create an automatic soil moisturizing control system. Analog signal processing and conversion steps are operational, overvoltage and short circuit protection protects the device from failure and short circuit. This electronic notebook was created for taking notes and saving in Android app.

Concept of engineering industry in this paper konkurentuu the following three sectors: Structural and functional system diagrams, main program algorithms of software function are made and described. The verification of developed algorithms was carried out – based on the results, the comparative analysis of different methods was performed.

Faculty of Economics in Osijek. Item request cannot be made. User interface implemented with JavaScript using the Vue.

Konkurentų analizė by Evelina Praspaliauskaitė on Prezi

The system operates and tested in real environment. The structure of the system was created, graphical interface was created and abalize, video streaming algorithm was ahalize. The system is tested successfully and meets the job annalize. Darbo apimtis — 57 psl. Competitive advantage is one of the principles of modern economics and strategy is a tool by which is achieved competitive advantage. The paper looks at the most popular video broadcast platforms on the market: Analysis of the task, the review of analogous systems, the creation electronic notebook, the realization of electronic notebook, the verification electronic notebook, the summary of results Thesis consist of: Integrated Monitoring and Surveillance System.


The purpose of the bachelor thesis is to create computer system which could estimate grain impurity level from sample photo. After completing mentioned tasks, model was constructed.

This bachelor thesis consists of 64 pages text without extras, 32 pictures, 11 tables, 25 references, 13 extras, 4 A4 drawings, 3 A4 posters.

Njemačke kompanije napuštaju Rusiju

Both systems are made to be flexible and extensible, so they can be adapted to any system. Students name, surname Aurimas Kisielius. Create an alternative method to the existing ones. All P values are two-sided. Implemented four pedestrian detection algorithms using Python programming language. Ekonomski fakultet u Osijeku.

Faculty of Electronics: Vilnius Gediminas technical university

In the concept of object matching in images, it is decided to use SSD object detection method and graph-cuts based algorithm. I have performed a competition and sales strategy analysis. Using Bootstrap responsive website was created for all kind of screen resolutions. A software that is keeping track of factual work time of the devices, creating on demand graphic charts from chosen data and automatically sending them via emails has been programmed.


Vilnius,55 p. The selected tracking methods are the most suitable for the checkers game monitoring. Students name, surname Analiize Ambrasas.

After the tests of meter prototype, the incomplete system functionality was established. The aim of the final master’s thesis — research on oscillation stabilization methods for the nanosatellite ant adapt B-Dot method for the satellite stabilization.

Vilnius,52 p. Atskirai pridedami darbo priedai. Konkuretu Portable Digital Oscilloscope. This bachelor thesis investigates the problem every software development company faces — unpredicted changes in user behavior, system stability, which impacts user behavior, satisfaction and revenue.

Portera piecu spēku analīze

Python, MySQL, Java, Android, user interface, database, data transfer, air temperature and humidity sensor, monitoring system. Subject Mangement System for Manufacturing Company. This system must protect against unwanted Internet users. System structure and functional schemes were made.

Wrapping machine, automated control system, motor, material tension, electrical schematics, software, experimental model.

JavaScript was used to ensure web pages functionality.

Subject Analysis of the Metamaterials with the Rotational Disorder. For video decoding and encoding Kurento media server was used because it can implement with WebRTC technology that displays live video. Status diagram and user interface sketch. The work has been performed in accordance with the established sensor error and the anxlize of the master server system.