The US M A Shop Manual Vol.2 by Title: The U.S. M/MA1 Pistols & Commercial M Type Pistols – A. Find great deals for The U.s M/ma1 Pistols 45 Auto Shop Manual Book Volume 2 Jerry Kuhnhausen. Shop with confidence on eBay!. This is not a revision of Volume 1 and not a rehash of old military manuals! M Type Pistols Volume 2: A Shop Manual” Book by Jerry Kuhnhausen.

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Find all posts by straid. Spiral-Binding Kuhnhausen A review I saw of the Kuhnhausen manuals mentioned that the reviewer’s only complaint was that the books should have been spiral-bound so that they can lay flat on the workbench.

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To our knowledge, other than the published reproductions above, the limited match conditioning 19111 compiled by the various services, and a previous manual by author Kuhnhausen, very little basic gunsmithing information has been published vil the U. Vol II has dimensional specifications, critical performance data, inspection data, which parts optimize accuracy, and lots of other stuff.

Truly, journalism at its best. Estimated total, this category-Grand total, all categories- 4,Historical notes: No part of this book, including photos and drawings, may be kuuhnhausen or reproduced in any form, or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by use of any other storage and retrieval system without prior express permission of the publisher, in writing. Colt Automatic Pistols, by Donald B. These drawings are representative only and not to scale.

In the absence of detailed, model specific training programs, we believe that professional gunsmiths and armorers will be better served by the data, safety warnings, cautionary notes, maximum-minimum specifications, and common sense limitations in this manual than if no information was made available, at all. Section IV covers optimum performance dimension M components.

Many of the M parts being sold are very low quality castings. M and MA1 Pistols, and little from a civilian gunsmithing viewpoint. In keeping with Kuhnhausen’s original manuals, and with the intent of minimizing the need to thumb back and forth between sections, parts inspections are covered in assembly sequence.


The U.s M/ma1 Pistols 45 Auto Shop Manual Book Volume 2 Jerry Kuhnhausen | eBay

Gunsmithing books now in print by Jerry Kuhnhausen: Copyright infringement aggressively pursued to the full extent of civil and criminal law. Watch for the future release of all 24 volumes in Kuhnhausen’s excellent shop manual kuhnjausen.

Government Contract History Approx. Alabama and Florida, US Posts: Are either or both of these the ones that are considered “the bible” on the ? I was looking on Midwayusa. In view of this uncertainty, the reference figure used here is the low estimate. All information, data, text or other materials “Content” posted to this site by any users are the sole responsibility of those users.

In this regard, reliable data can only help. With Volumes I and II, the pistolsmith has the most complete gunsmithing reference work available on the U. Some components, including frames, slides, and barrels are off-specification both dimensionally and metallurgically.

It is hoped that providing an insight into the mechanical complexity of this subject might serve to inspire the reasonable nonprofessional to refrain from tinkering or substituting critical parts and to take his M type pistol to a qualified pistolsmith for periodic inspection and for servicing or repair, when needed.

Additionally, it seems only fair that nonprofessionals should have access to, and benefit of, as many of the same specifications, cautions, and safety warnings as possible. Section II includes basic M function and a detailed description of the cycle of operation for those not yet fully familiar; a parts section, including exploded parts diagrams; bench checks, and disassembly in brief disassembly is covered in greater detail in Vol.

The U.s M1911/m1911a1 Pistols 45 Auto Shop Manual Book Volume 2 Jerry Kuhnhausen

The more than principle illustration drawings, exploded parts drawings, individual parts drawings, sectional illustrations, and general graphic illustrations in this manual were drawn in original ordnance style for authenticity by the author and Heritage – VSP staff artists. Volume I was edited from a series of loose leaf manuals originally used by the author for shop training and is a literal compendium on M 45 Auto troubleshooting, repair, hand fitting, custom gunsmithing, and basic accurizing.

Emphasis is placed on safety and common sense, correct shop and bench procedures throughout, and the importance of using only within specification parts. Posting Rules You may not post new threads.


With this in kuhnhauen, consider the above figures approximate, only. All of Kuhnhausen’s informative manuals are presented in the same step-by-step sequence followed by professional pistolsmiths and armorers when installing replacement parts and repairing or rebuilding pistols at the bench. In this regard, it is our intention to provide professional gunsmiths and students with as much basic data kunnhausen possible on the referenced models, particularly now that many thousands of heavily used M, MA1, and commercial equivalent pistols are in civilian hands.

S and foreign government contract production approx. They split it into two, but that doesn’t mean Vol II is less worthy.

Jerry Kuhnhausen guide – is this “the one?” – Forum

Major M design feature patents all dated in included four kunhausen Browning patents and another by E. The current document download page has been viewed times. Budget the money for both volumes.

Vo this way, perhaps a cautionary note might be read and heeded before the fact of an unsafe act, mishap, or injury. Attention if you have renewed your paid membership on the site but it has not taken effect within 24 hours please send the tech account a private message here to get your account corrected and for further instruction. Find all posts by dajarrel. Are these good prices? With kunnhausen in mind, it kuhnhausem suggested that the safety function sections and other pertinent sections of this book be read and fully understood, together with the related military field and technical manuals, before handling, disassembling, servicing, or firing an M type pistol.

Given that self defense is a good thing, it follows that these well intentioned, law abiding folks should be informed and served in every possible way. Yes to all questions.

Government contract production approx. The editorial decision to publish this manual Volume II in the Kuhnhausen. Find all posts by Ben H. Because of low end pricing, these parts tend to displace the higher quality components that should be used.