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There is a smell of gasoline in the stuffy air. Lists with This Book. Agile, he grabs him by the neck with his legs.

Los Inocentes – Oswaldo Reynoso – Free Download PDF

He sweats, opens and closes his fists in despair. The dead would get together in the winter time to not feel the cold. Cars would avoid running them over. Angel Face has been lying on the ground, hiding his feet. He reaches Plaza San D.

They look at you. Or maybe there is natural sympathy, spontaneous. Kick the shit out of him!

Corsair looks at his ecstatic face. Blush was yelling angrily. Watch out, a car is coming. Then the marine wind of the Callao neighborhood would come and leave rotten skulls at ground level.

The money had to be spent on movies, races, beer, and fine cigarettes. He knows that Blush wants to mess with him. Black pants, blue, navy blue; red shirts, black, yellow; they shiver deliriously among the green leaves. Angel Face sees a naked woman grabbing her breasts.

With a devilish smirk, he said: Who gave it to you? I grabbed my bike and rode at full speed, passing by the corner, but they saw me. He slipped his hands into his pockets and looked manlier than ever. Silvana rated it it was ok Nov 05, Gabriel Gamarra rated it it was ok May 14, Rouz BL rated it it was ok Oct 21, Angel Face takes the dice, spits on oswaleo and moves them as if worshiping a mysterious bloody deity. Unexpectedly, Angel Oswaldl takes his arm and twists it behind his back; he frees his neck and uses the chance to get on top of his rival.


Los inocentes

Los inocentes by Oswaldo Reynoso. I wanted to shake his hand and tell him: You’ll play with me, with me, and whoever loses is going to masturbate, right here. The gang was hanging out at the corner. What if the Plaza were transformed into a beach? If you want, look at this picture. Blush gets dirty with Yoni. The trees cut the cloudy, hot, dirty, dirty, dirty sky into pieces.

His desperate hands grab the grass and he screams. It would have been formidable that last night: Angel Face wants to run, hug his mom and apologize for making her mad. The opaque and terrible sun sets over the gardens.

Adri rated it it was ok Sep 02, He shouts and bullies, and if the old man disapproves, he reminds him of his business, his singing: In the summer, they would lie on the grass for the sun to warm their bodies. Every morning my mom buys for the whole day. When I tried to get in, Blush grabbed my bike. One by one the guys left. He searches in his memory for an offensive incident, but all he remembers is that he was always good with Blush.


Very few people were passing through the center of the city. Meinli Gomez rated it it was ok Jun 26, He left without saying anything. The sky is cloudy, dirty, sad.

Why must they always stare at me? When he went to the bathroom he hid three libra bills in his socks.